The following are 4 reasons why your home hasn't sold in today's market:


The Realtor either chooses a list price out of thin air or agrees to list at whatever number you want.

Let's be honest, most of us believe our house is just as nice as the one down the street. We want top dollar. (Who wouldn't?!) A Realtor should recommend a price based on the data they analyzed and their knowledge on where the market is headed. They should be analyzing comparable properties in your area, preferably subdivision, if available. The homeowner sets the list price based on those recommendations, but ultimately the BUYER confirms the price. Your list price should be competitive enough to get buyers through the door and placing serious offers that will help you get to the closing table!

Communication & Customer Experience

When you're selling your house, you want to be informed. You're investing time, money and effort in this process and it's important to understand what is being done to get to the closing table. You want an agent that's showing up every day, trying different methods to get your house seen, desired, and sold! You want an agent that's giving you more than you expected. You want to feel like your needs are met and you don't want to chase someone down for an update on your home's status.

Marketing Know-How

Gone are the days where you could simply list a house on MLS and sell it without any effort. In today's shifting marketplace you have to use a variety of strategies to get showings and offers.

You prefer an agent that doesn't cut corners. You want professionally staged photography, drone shots, beautifully crafted brochures and ads, global marketing on hundreds of websites, visibility in front of thousands of agents in your area. Ideally, you would like an army of agents proactively working towards getting you your ideal buyer that will successfully close on the purchase of your home.

Has your agent done any of this for you? Have they shown you what any of their marketing efforts look like and what the results have been thus far? Remember, aside from pricing, beautiful photography and marketing is what will get your prospective buyers through the door and wanting to place offers!


We all want to work with someone that is professional and treats us with respect. It's also important for your Realtor to get along well with other agents. You want someone that will answer/return phone calls and available for whenever buyers agents approach them with questions about your home.

With the real estate market softening, you can’t take a chance with a Realtor that knows what worked last season… you need someone that knows what is working TODAY!

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Hi. I’m Yashira and I specialize in selling homes utilizing modern, cutting-edge strategies.

I'm a Full-Service Real Estate consultant. I’m a roll-up-my-sleeves kind of professional. Hire me and I will work tirelessly on your behalf! I make, answer and return phone calls! I knock on doors; I host Open Houses; I network globally; I run high-performing ads and use social media.

I communicate. I communicate with you (based on your preferences). I communicate with other agents, potential buyers, investors, the title company, the lender and everyone in between.

I believe in and implement modern marketing techniques AND I mix it with high-end traditional marketing.

I believe in the cost of doing business. I won’t cut corners. Your home is important to you and it’s important to me. When you are represented by me, you will work with a dedicated Realtor that pays attention to detail and looks after your interests while utilizing the latest and best marketing strategies.

If you're interested in getting your home sold, reach out to me for a pressure-free consultation!

*** Not intended to solicit buyers or sellers currently under contract with a brokerage.

What Our Clients Say


Yashira, you’ve been amazing through this process! Your professionalism is exceptional. Your attention to detail is what meant most to us. You’ve made this process so effortless and exciting! Thank you!


Plano, TX Homeowner


Yashira was very professional from the beginning. We felt she listened to our needs and kept us up to date on all the information we needed. I would highly recommend Yashira to anyone looking to purchase a home in the DFW area. She will surpass and over exceed any expectation!


Lowry Crossing, TX Homeowner

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She’s very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She looks for the best interest of her clients.


TX Homeowner

profile photo

Who is Yashira Gruszynski?

Yashira Gruszynski has an undeniable passion for business and modern, leading-edge marketing and it shows. From undergraduate study and graduate study at the University of Barcelona in International Business to an internship with U.S. Embassy in Argentina, to star performer for GE and Ericsson, negotiating their multi-million dollar ‘sourcing’ contracts, Yashira makes things happen. She is more than a Dallas-Fort Worth Luxury Home Listing And Selling Agent. She is a professional with online marketing know-how to get your property seen and shown fast. As a proud member of the Institute For Luxury Home Marketing, she does just that.

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